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           Your Writing Guide - Garth Roberts

Garth Roberts believes in using effective, creative communication to inspire leadership. Garth speaks, coaches and facilitates workshops on writing, planning, communicating and follow-up. He specializes in leadership, writing and presentation skills seminars.

As a  media producer, director, actor and award winning writer , his career has focused on communication and leadership. Both require creativity and Garth loves watching participants release their creativity and bring fun into their lives.

See What Our Past Participants Have to Say

As a writer with over 25 published articles, and a self-confessed perfectionist, I always toiled for days to get the “perfect” words and sentences when creating a piece for publication. So imagine my utter surprise and delight when in my first class of Freewriting with Garth Roberts, I wrote a fantastic, publishable piece on a spontaneously chosen topic, in 10 minutes! The piece was on “Celebrating Life to the Fullest”, and read so well that I was asked by my fellow classmates to share it twice!

Garth has created a program and a process which replaces “effort” with “ease”, and makes effective writing a distinct pleasure. I always use Garth’s techniques whenever I sit down to journal, blog, a business plan or a piece for publishing. In taking Garth’s program, I learned to get out of my own way and trust that whatever I wanted to express, could be done effortlessly and effectively and yes, even up to my perfectionist standards.

I highly recommend Garth’s programs to all those who wish write for their own personal pleasure, business purposes or for publication! And yes, this testimonial was written as a free write—thank-you Garth! You Rock!!

Taron Puri, B.A. LL.B
Taron Puri, B.A. LL.B Energy In Motion

“Garth is a great facilitator. He helped me gain confidence in my writing and my approach to shaping my ideas and creating program materials. That was not the focus on the course but it gave me the confidence to be creative in a new way by extrapolation.”

Diane Bonneau, MCC, PMC
Diane Bonneau, MCC, PMC Coaching Designs International

I have known Garth for many years, and he is not only an inspiring teacher and coach, but also is someone who holds a creative space for you to explore the writer you are. His knowledge, his directed questions, and his easy style create a wonderfully complete package in a writing course. Whether you are a seasoned writer or a budding novelist, you will be very glad you invested time with him. And he is a great guy!

Vanessa Plimley, Life Coach & Writer
Vanessa Plimley, Life Coach & Writer Stoke Your Fire

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